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Oberwesel in the middle of UNESCO Welterbe Oberes Mittelrheintal

In the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage upper middle rhein valley there is Oberwesel. In the centre of Europe, set into a lovely and dramatic landscape with rough rocks, gentle vinyards and the river Rhine, of course. For 80 km there is the highest amount of casltes in the world. Find out, which one is your favorite. The romans brought the wine 2000 years ago, which is still dominant to the culture, the kitchen and the complete region.

Come to Oberwesel via train. The station is directyl in Oberwesel, trains from Koblenz or Mainz will stop every 30 minutes. If you come here by car, please choose the route B9, which is much more beautiful than the boring highway A61. There are supermarkets in Oberwesel, Restaurants, Wine bars and some shops for the daily need.


Next to the Rhine the Celts settled down very early, like in Oberwesel. The Romans came lateron and brought their culture, too. The Rhine always was a big tradeway and brought the world here. The slates from the middlerhine were used for the roofs of castles all over Europe. And, finally, the fantastic wine from here is wellknown for its unique mineralic note and complex and fresh taste.


There are many hiking-paths all along the middlerhine and the Hunsrück. Have your hike and enjoy this beautiful area on your own.

Social life and food

The people here are very social and love to go out. If you enter a »Straußwirtschaft« and might think, it is full, just wait a moment. Usually there will be space enough for one more. Or two. Enjoy the German kitchen, completed with kitchens form Europe and Thailand.